pr0fundum asked:
I realy enjoy your tumblr, its very peacefull, quiet, nice images, just make me wanna go to the beach, nice music, I like it :3. ☼

i love this kind of messages, just make me smile so much

URL: funny, i like it!

POST: although is not the type of blogs i follow, the posts are funny and great

PLAYLIST: good! is always nice to have the name of the song and the artist ;]

THEME: love this theme, is just like mine, one tip is to but 

BANNER: normal, but attractive haha

LINKS: sick, would be nice to have faq to, but i like your links the ‘me’ one is the best hahaha

Inbox me with your rate for my blog between 0-10 + ☼ and i will say something about your blog

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2 years ago
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